ESSA Webinar - Prof. Julie Coetzee

Prof. Julie Coetzee discusses South African biocontrol research on an international stage – insights from the International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds.

ESSA Webinar - Prof. Clarke Scholtz

Prof. Clarke Scholtz presents The Exuberance of SA Insects” – three books on biology, ecology and diversity of major groups Since southern Africa is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, it is not surprising that insect diversity there is high.

The diversity extends to representatives of most major world groups but there is also a very high proportion of endemic or specialized groups. Besides the rich diversity, it has been shown that many groups of insects in the region contribute significantly to ecosystem services. These are explored in Book 1.

Book 2 covers all important aspects of the biology of the major insect groups – feeding, reproduction, adaptations and defence; and reviews about half of the families present in the region.

Book 3 treats the world-famous African dung beetles from their fossil record and phylogenetic relationships through Egyptian mythological history to all major aspects of their complex biology. The three books are illustrated with a total of about 5000 superb photos.